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I never thought I would be able to get this far

I have never been able to run very far, as a teenager I was always tried to get out of cross country. I was given an IPOD shuffle for my 40th birthday and I had heard of the c25K. A friend of mine is such an inspiration I thought I would give it a go. I love it, the first week was hard, but the first time I ran for 5 mins I couldn't stop smiling. I am on ,my last run on week 7 and I still can't believe I can run for 25mins. To anyone who has just started the personal achievement you get from the programme is amazing and you want to do more......

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Well done, it is great to feel that sense of achievement. Graduation next.


It's pretty amazing how well the program works isn't it? I find this community a great source of help and support too. Well done for getting this far. Couple more weeks to go! :)


Thank you for your support !


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