An Unconventional Transition

An Unconventional Transition

Hi again everyone!

Can't resist sharing my positive running experience from yesterday.

Took the dog off to one of our favourite spots - Horsell Common and set off to do Wk4R3 as planned. Due to a bit of fiddling with podcasts and things I'd had to delete and re-download a few bits.

Happily did the first 3 runs (3mins/5mins/3mins) and was just embarking on the last 5 minute stint when then podcast stopped and couldn't download any more due to no Internet connection. Things were going so well that I didn't want to end there, so for a change of music (and less chance of another malfunction) I decided to to the first 5 minute run of W5R1 instead.

But then a very strange thing happened . . .

I started to enjoy myself . . . .

I felt a little bit as though suddenly running wasn't as alien as it had previously felt . . . .

I reached the turn for the car park and without even thinking . . .

Went round again, completing he second and third run of W5R1 too!!!

It was a beautiful day, the ground in the woods is soft and springy, Weasel the dog was bouncing around having fun and although the last run was at a snail's pace - we did it!!!

Very pleased, also a little sore this morning!

My other half and I have come away for the weekend on a couple's massage course. Nothing dodgy ( I know what you're thinking) but we can learn how to massage each other's sore bits and have really good effect - what timing!! Will let you know how it goes - it looks like something worth recommending to my fellow runners ( yes RUNNERS!!)

Happy weekend everyone - I'll be turning 32 tomorrow and feeling much younger than this time last year!!!


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Have fun Jen, my OH is useless at massage, but one of my sons is really good, if I bribe him!


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