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Running on holiday!

Well I've not blogged for a little while but have been keeping upto date with all your stories and words of encouragement!

Went away to Yorkshire again this weekend and managed 2 x 5 mile runs while I was camping. In fact I think it honestly made my holiday better getting up early and going out in the countryside was a nice change from the busy roads I normally run on. Also encouraged me not to drink too much alcohol and as a result felt so much better!

I've been managing to complete 3/4 runs a week since graduation back in march and have moved on to stepping stones still go back to Laura week 9 once a week, as running with my own music is harder than I thought. I have noticed tho after a really crappy day a work I really NEED to go out for that run to get those negative feelings. My best runs are always on a Friday night as I leave that week behind and know it will improve my mood for the weekend.

I am still finding each run as tough as the last, the gremlins are always there but I just find it easier to ignore them these days. Am really finding varying my runs with stepping stones is helping keep me motivated.

I am considering my first park run and have been practicing running on different terrains to prepare me, but I've not had the courage to sign up for 1 just yet.

I just cannot believe how much I have achieved in a few short months and how motivated I have been and how grumpy I get if I can't manage to get out for my planned runs. I have really no one to tell all about my running adventures as I feel I bore my none running friends :-( so you guys are such an inspiration to me. I am so glad I get the daily updates via email it gives me the little reminder I need.

So thank you everyone for blogging and keeping me on track when you didn't even know you we're doing so. Have a fabulous weekend everyone and enjoy your runs and the lovely weather we've been promised. Oh and I managed 3.7miles in 40mins tonight so I'm extra happy tonight!


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What a lovely blog Abi...and it's great to hear that you're getting so much out of running! That's the point of it all really, isn't it?!

You are doing really well - like you I've not yet summoned up the courage to do a Parkrun and want to get a few more 'playing field' runs under my belt as I normally run along pavements.

Keep blogging and letting everyone know how you're progressing! :-)


Hey dottiemay, thanks for you encouraging words!

I've checked out my local park run but its really hilly and quite challenging think I might try it myself once or twice before tackling the official park run.

Il keep posting let you all know how I get on :-) x


I've enjoyed reading your blog Abi, and can really relate to it. I love the 'grumpy if I can't get out' bit. Just shows what running means to us. I've been trying to not get too grumpy as I'm not allowed to run for another week or so. I went and tripped whilst running and fractured my arm.

Park runs sound good don't they.


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