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slight set back to biking

On Bank Holiday monday just gone my husband pumped up both tyres on the bike and I cycled down the garden, stopped and came back to try again only as I attempted to swing my leg over the saddle I lost my balance and fell over and now have a big bruise on my forearm and nasty graze on my elbow. I however intend to have another go this weekend just so glad I didnt fall in public which is my biggest fear. Once I am pedalling I am fine it is just getting on and off the bike that is the problem.

I was planning to attend the first of a six week block of 2 swims,2 bike sessions and 2 run sessions however I had missed the first session (one swim) and I didnt feel ready for the bike session so I am going to join the second block in the second week (I am on holiday for the first swim session); this will give me a chance to improve my confidence on the bike.

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well done you, my husband keeps trying to persuade me to start cycling ( keeps going on about it being better for my knees) but I'm sure I'd fall off !! Hope your injuries are improving, you poor thing :(

Good luck with your sessions :)


Sounds like you are heading for a triathlon. This is an amazing sport, my daughter has taken part in many finishing last summer with an Olympic distance. I have taken to my bike lately as I have a knee injury and was wobbly at first but now up to 15 miles. I have really enjoyed it even though I was reluctant at first, you can vary your route more than running. I don't get quite the same buzz as I do from running and it takes more time but better than being on the couch.

Best of luck with your training.


Sounds good that you are trying all sorts, keep it going on the bike, like running it will get easier the more you do it. Have a look and see if you have a local SKY RIDE near you as they do guided bike rides and it is for everyone, not just pros'.

Hope it all works out for you :-)


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