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Is there a community for 5k+ runners?

I found this community and think it's great, but I'm more of a distance runner and would love a community for c25k graduates to possibly chat about getting to 10k and even beyond.

For instance whenever I run 8-10k i get terrible pain in my achilles tendons (is what i think they are called) anyone else experience this?

Anyway just a suggestion :) curious of others thoughts.

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There is a blog section for 5k+ and there are a lot of graduates hanging around. I like to post on here because I still don't feel like a 'proper' runner even though I've already done 4 miles twice this week :D

I've posted on here about hill training, HIT, all kinds of other stuff and always had useful replies.


Hi Daisybell once you have completed the C25K and notified admin you get your green Graduate badge and they also open up an additional Blog area called C25K+, you then have the option to blog on either the Community Blog or C25K+ and as Cazvs has already said in the Question section.

As for the pain you are experiencing after a run its almost impossible to say what could be the problem you may be best having a Sports Physio check it out. Have you tried icing the problem area after the run, also its important to do stretches. Hope it settles down for you.


Greetings Daisybell, as both the others have said, there is a place here where 5+km runners congregate and swap help and encouragement with one another. What they all have in common is that they have completed the C25K challenge through its nine stage programme. I have no idea if this is the 'right' place for you, but what I do know is that because of the shared experiences, folk on here are the best on the Internet. There are almost certainly dedicated websites for folk who have an established background in running and have been doing it all for a while. I agree with Oldgirl, if you have Achilles probs you should seek the advice of a sports therapist or physio ... before you do yourself any damage! Good luck.


Wow you guys really are a group of helpful & supportive people!

I guess I don't feel worthy of a graduation badge because I haven't followed the C25K plan at all. Oh well, I'm sure there's great info I can get here regardless.

Thanks all


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