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First Jog Complete!! =) Couch to 5K and NHS Weight Loss Communities

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Hiya all =)

I went for my first jog yesterday with a friend! All the supportive and helpful comments on here relaxed and encouraged me before the jog, so thank you!! It felt great just walking past all the sunbathing students (I live in Uni Halls) in trackies and a vest top like, "yes that's right, I'm going jogging." ;) Haha, and then the jog itself wasn't nearly as scary as I had thought!

We went along by the canal and I thought the people walking would stare etc. but everyone was just doing their own thing and moved out of the way for us and it was so beautiful there too!

The first half of the jog went very well but unfortunately my friend fell over, so we took the jog back a bit easier. She was fine - she's got a sense of humour so we had a good laugh about it!!

Feeling achey today but that's great!! It's great to feel as if it's actually making a difference. :)

Thank you so much for all the support, it's great to do this journey with everyone on here.

Deadly Furby =)

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Well done and keep enjoying it - it looks like you've got a lovely spot to run in.

Thanks! :)

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Great stuff Furby ! Looks like you have found yourself a lovely place to run there , very nice !

I am so glad that you enjoyed it , couple more runs and you will probably be as crazily addicted as the rest of us if youre not already :-)

Well youre well and truly on your way now , Keep going and keep posting :-)

Good Luck ! xxx

I have just replied on your other post , before I saw this one , I am all over the place this morning ha ha :-) xxx

Thank you so much! I will do ;) x

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Well done! Don't worry about the aches - it's normal, but it will stop happening after a few weeks of this.

Great, thank you! :)

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Fantastic :) Glad you enjoyed it. It is a great journey and one that will stay with you forever. Keep planning those posts when the going gets tough.

Happy Running and Good Luck :)

Thanks! :) Will do.

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Well done Furby. Friend to run with, beautiful scenery, what more could you ask for. Enjoy! :-)

Thank you :) Yes I agree! :) Thanks

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Well done on getting started. You need to start stretching out after the runs - it helps with the stiffness.

Okay thanks! :) good advice, I will do.

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Try these stretches to avoid aching muscles the day after running. Lovely photo btw:)

That's brilliant! Thank you :D and thanks!

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Congratulations and welcome!

I look forward to following your progress. (Not literally, that would be wrong.)

Haha ;) thank you!

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