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W7R1 ... tough going, mid-run recovery & I lost Laura

Well you would have thought that after running for 25 mins a few days ago, that running for 25 mins again would be easy right .... wrong.... that was pretty tough going.

I had deliberately backed off the pace for this one because I really do want to get through this week & it's the first full week of non-stop running.

I think it could have been either tired legs, or me trying out a different warm-up route which meant I started the run when I was still on the mud path, but it seemed to take ages to get to just 5 mins.... WHAT - that must be wrong. Calfs were already solid and ankles aching, so it was time to dig in and head down.

I knew that I had to do 4 lengths of my straight road and it would all be over - but then at the end of the first length I felt myself straightening up & noticed that things had improved calfs were bear-able & ankles felt okay too - I had found the pace and knew I just had to keep going.

At the half way point I still felt okay - almost feeling good about it - in my mind I even started thinking could I keep going after the end and try to see what 5k feels like..... but a third of the way down my 4th length I lost Laura aahhh she had gone silent on me. So the last 500mtrs was run in complete silence, just me, my breathing and what's this,my little legs seemed to be going like the clappers .... made it to the end and checked the time - was on 32:15 .... phew that was that run over & done with!!

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Wow that sounds pretty damm good. :-) Sometimes it just takes a little longer to get going, but you certainly found your pace, well done. :-)


Thanks Caz - I'm definitely blaming the revised warmup routine - far too slippy and muddy and it really put me off my stride going off road for the 1st time, dodging trees and jumping puddles too.

I will stay safe and stick with the road for next few weeks - or atleast until it has dried out some more.

Happy Running.


It always takes ages to get to 5 minutes for me and those 5 minutes are always the hardest part of the run, after that everything seems to settle down, the muscles loosen, the breathing eases and I can carry on. But if I hadn't noticed the 'problem', if Laura hadn't programmed me to get past that bit then I would still be stuck not being able to run as I wouldn't know I could battle through and overcome that 'pain'.

Well done for keeping going!


Haven't really wanted to admit it yet - but your right, the 1st 5 mins are the worst 5 mins. I was properly cursing her last night at that point. - but Laura knows & I know that we can get through them first few mins...

so I was thinking of a "warm up plus"... kind of walking warmup for 5 mins, then jogging warmup for 5 mins.. then getting into running fully....

Then at 12.5 mins in it felt good and very do-able...

Someone else on here called it their "run all day pace" - and when I was running in silence - I certainly didn't sound like I was a wheezing waddling lump that I imagined myself to be....


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