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...a soggy w6 r2

...I last went out on Friday and completed w6 r1 without too much of a struggle. A long weekend of decorating, gardening and studying had meant a three day break from running. So, if I didn't run today I might struggle to keep the momentum going...but the rain was teeming down and and my slight cold was also holding me back. Messed about for an hour or so talking myself into going/not going but then decided I had been out in worse weather and the cold could go one way or t'other.

Felt as though I looked utterly ridiculous stumbling around the field in such horrendous weather - but carried on regardless - and the run seemed easier than I thought it would be. Made it up to the shop to replenish bread supplies and even jogged a little more on the way back - because I could!! Finally sitting down and eating my toast and marmite felt all the more enjoyable for having made the effort to go out.

Hopefully the weather will pick up a little for Thursday and I can deal with the final week 6 run.

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