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On my own in the rain

Went out on my own in the rain this morning, hubby not feeling good. Thought I would try my pesky hill again but sad to say it beat me and I had to walk a bit. I did 3.06k in 33mins, slow I know but bearing in mind when I run from home its hills both ways. Added a few more songs to my playlist last night thanks to Dellacat asking the question, thanks for all the suggestions. Pat :-)

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Hi Pat, well done on getting out there in the rain, if it was like up here with you it felt like winter all over again. It must be very hard going straight into a hill at the start of a run, I don't like hils very much but at least I can pick and chose when in a route I have to tackle them. I said in a blog yesterday that I think our mind set has changed we no longer feel its a disaster to walk in the middle of a run, if you push too hard when you know its not right that can lead to injury. So congratulations on bashing away at your hills and doing a good time and distance too.

I'm just about ready to have another go at Jacobs Ladder its one of the longest and steepest hills around me, didn't quite manage it in a oner last year, maybe I will conquer it this year though ;)


Rainy here too! It seemed quite light when I went out, but I was completely soaked by the time I got back. I didn't get too hot though! :)

Jacobs Ladder sounds like a challenge! Lots of tiny steps needed?


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