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Week 9 - Graduation is ever nearer

Right, first things first. I need to correct the writing on the T shirt. It actually says "Vintage 1951 - Aged to Perfection" Slight mistake in previous blog. But then that's what you get when you work from "memory"!!!

Started W9 today. I was thinking that I would leave two days between each run this week but as I was invited to play a round of golf tomorrow thought I would start this last week, today.

So how was it? Well I managed to control my enthusiasm and run at a slower steadier pace from the start of the 30min run. This meant I actually finished the whole pod cast about 3 minutes faster than W8R3. I wasn't totally exhausted either so I must be improving my overall fitness.

Tomorrow I will order my graduate running shirt from Complete Runner.

Still can't believe that I managed 30 minutes running. If only my PE teacher could see me now.

On finishing 2nd last in a 220 yards at school when I asked teacher for my time his answer was "You don't need a stopwatch, You need a calendar." Which I found highly amusing then and still think it funny even now!!

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Well done on the timings - you're doing well

Love the PE Teacher remarks.... mine called me a slug!!!! And yes, if only she could see me now... a C25k graduate!

Keep it up,


Same here! PE teachers didn't even notice me. I used to hang out with the smokers behind the trees instead of running the entire circuit. If they could see me now indeed hahahah!


Awwww, my PE teachers were only ever interested in pupils who were good at their particular 'passion' sport! I got on ok with one as I was a competitive swimmer, and another who discovered I could long jump and do hurdles .... But nobody ever did a thing about encouraging running, nor suggest any form of warm-up or regular training. How things have changed ... For the better. As for the t-shirt .... Woooopeeeee ... What a blooming good vintage that was, to be sure!!! :D Where can I get one? I can birthday present myself in October!

Best wishes for your grad run very, very soon ;)

Cheers, Linda x


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