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W8 R2

Almost there.. before the run I thought I would try and run the 5K I had measured it out and worked out where I should stop. But when it came to the end I was just waiting for Laura to say 1 more minute, I usually count down this last minute and I just couldn't go any further. My legs are fine it's just I'm so out of breadth, I've been reading other blogs and thought maybe I'm going to fast, I had completed 4.6km in 28 minutes, or maybe my breathing is wrong, so next time I'm going to try and slow down and concentrate on my breathing hopefully I will enjoy it more. I do feel good when I've finished the run and accomplished the 28 minutes but I'm still waiting for the runners high to kick in.. :)

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4.6k in 28 minutes is pretty fast for most of us - but you may be a superfit, natural runner! If you're out of breath, it does suggest going a bit too fast for where your heart and lungs are at the moment though - great that your legs still feel good!

When there was a thread a while back about how far people got in 30 minutes in week 9, the average was about 4k, so about half of us covered less than that (just over 3k for me), so your pace is quite speedy. But average didn't take into account age, gender or previous fitness levels.


Thankyou greenlegs, I'm not superfit at all I do alot of walking so that helps and I'm quite tall at 5'9" so may take longer strides. :)


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