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My first uphill!

I set out cautiously today because after last Friday's injury I wasn't sure whether my legs were up to it. But my muscles survived another 35 minute run. :)

Decided to add a slight incline into the route this morning. Keep reading how important it is to change routes to prevent boredom so decided to vary it but only slightly. Just meant running up a gentle slope for about 2 minutes (felt like longer) and then a flat bit along the main road and then back down a slightly steeper but possibly shorter section until I get back to my usual level.

Of course changing my route meant my timings were a little out at the end but finished with some good stats today. Both full miles ran were done in under 12 minutes which is good for me. Friday's full miles were both over 12.

I can now enjoy a few drinkies and some nice eats at a BBQ later today. Happy running everyone! X

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I avoided hills for quite a while but there does come a time when you just have to bite the bullet and attack them, they are still gut busters as far as I'm concerned but a necessary evil for getting new routes. Well done stick at them, they won't go away ;)


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