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W5R3. 32 minutes without Laura

W5R3.  32 minutes without Laura

Felt sick on my 5 min warm up walk this morning and not really slept because of nerves. Wondered if Friday was a fluke. Thought at the time I might have set myself up for a fall if I ran through the 5 mins walk and did all 21 mins. Although it was amazing I knew I would feel like I had let myself down if I couldnt do 20 mins today. Going off plan put extra pressure on me I didnt need so I've learnt a lesson there. But I still had one thing to prove this morning so I decided not to put Laura on for Run 3, put Runkeeper on and shut those pesky gremlins up. Ran for 32 mins along the canal towpath in the beautiful sunshine and back home again. The first 5 mins were torture and I did want to stop. Definitely missed Laura and going back to the runs with W6R1 on Tuesday. No more deviating from the plan and no more trying to prove anything. I know I can get there and just want to up my pace now. Think I must be the slowest out there. I did 3k in the 32 mins which means I'm looking at 50 or so mins for 5k:( Need to work on that as its Race for Life on 7th July. Well my legs don't feel like mine at the moment so feet up on the sofa with breakfast for half an hour I think! Happy Sunday everyone. x

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Methinks perhaps you are thinking too much? LOL ;)

Honestly, the squilllions of notions that fill heads and try to put our bodies off doing what they are perfectly capable of doing is absurd ... and pretty much what the 'mind-over-matter' training is all about!

Please don't worry, you are so very close to the finish line now and still with a RfL target ahead too! Nobody on this forum or in the RfL organisation will care a jot about your 'finishing time' - what everyone will be impressed by is your taking part! Toddle, plod, wobble, stagger, jog, or run the allotted time .... Speed and distances may take a little longer to achieve, but remain assured that you will achieve! Have a great Sunday and BH weekend too. X

Cheers, Linda :) ps: love your pic/motto


Thanks Linda. Just amazed I ran for 32 minutes and I could have done more (it ended because I got to my front door!). 4 weeks ago I struggled with 60 second runs! Crazy. x


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