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Stamina take 1

After doing a few interval training runs and a 30min run all on 1% incline I decided to up my game a bit so today tried the stamina podcast. It was a bit of a struggle trying to synch the beats per minute with the speed on the treadmill think I managed it including a kind of sprint in the last five mins. Still not managing the full 5k but am telling myself now running on an incline and still managing 35 mins so must be improving. My treadmill has little programmes on it have never even tried one so tomorrow it's programme1 just lasts 15 mins will report back on progress. Love reading all your stories keep up the running

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Hallo Maisiemugwump, if I had access to a treadmill, I would have done my run on Friday as well. All the bad weather caught me inside the house. On the hills here in the black forest we had snow above 600m hight, and the rain and the wind was really chilly. But this morning I got out and did my third run ,week two, with hurting ears because I didn't wore a hood.And I will repeat week two, because of a Holiday.-


Hey, I am soon impressed that you managed to programme the bpm for Stamina in on a treadmill - let alone do the running! Well done, you! I think Stamina is really hard wherever you do it, but sounds like you did it fine!

Try not to fret about the 5k, you will get there in your own good time. It took me 4 or 5 weeks after graduation and then I felt as chuffed as whennI graduated, all over again!

Happy running!


'When I graduated...' - tired eyes after a late night (at work) last night.....


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