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Triathlon ambitions

I have always fancied having a go at this; my swimming is ok (I swam the distance of the channel in my local pool over 12 weeks in dec 2011 even if it was breastroke so distance is not a problem) and running is ok as I would only attempt a sprint distance (5K) anyway. The more nerve wracking bit is the bike as i havent been on a bike since i cant remember when.

I have been going up and down the garden on my sister's bike (she lent to my husband a while back) to get my confidence back but the tyre needs replacing but as I am not going out on the roads yet it doesnt matter. Was worried about falling off and making an idiot of myself however I may still do!

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You don't say if you have entered a triathalon yet but if you do....

Husband is an open water swimmer and is a member of a triathalon club, His club run novice open water swim sessions in the run up to Blenheim triathalon and I know that he would recommend these even for confident pool swimmers.



No I havent entered one yet because 1) I can only swim breaststroke, 2) I am not yet confident enough on the bike and 3) I am trying to improve my time at 5k.

Also the nearest triathlon club to me is in leicester and I dont drive so getting there midweek is impossible, even more so if I am on a 10am-6pm shift.


Yikes I'm shivering at the thought of open water swimming up here, I have trouble getting into the Med!! ;)


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