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W7R1 completed - sort of

I've been doing the programme so far in the smelly little gym in my workplace which has two treadmills. This is partly because I'm nervous about running outside, and partly because I have a dodgy disk in my lower back and was told a while back not to run as it could aggravate it, and I thought the treadmill would be softer to run on and have less risk of jarring it. But today I got to the gym and two frighteningly fit-looking young people were running on the treadmills and looking like they were going to be a while. I hung round for a bit and then decided, s*d it, it's a lovely day, I'll run outside. So I did.

The bad news: after precisely 15 minutes I had to stop because I felt sick, so I sat down on the pavement for 5 mins to recover. I did then manage the remaining 10 minutes. So I did 25 minutes, but not in one go. And how on earth did I manage to be running INTO the wind both there and back?!

The good news: it felt wonderful running outside in the sun, even when I was knackered and a bit hungover. At times this 12 and a half stone lump felt like she was flying! And I didn't care about passers-by, though one swan gave me a funny look as I ran along the river. I've definitely decided it's the way to go and will run mostly outside from now on.

The even better news: Back is fine.

The best news of all: mapped my run when I got home online, and it looks as though I've gone from doing a pace of 7.55 on the treadmill, to 6.35 outside (or, gone from running at an average of 7.58 km/hr to 9.12!). I'm not entirely certain about this as I wasn't precisely sure where I turned back, but I think it's right or very nearly. So I'm running a lot faster outside. No wonder I had to have a break!

So now I feel great, and hope that the next run I will manage the full 25 mins without stopping, especially if I slow the pace a fraction. I will certainly keep at the outside running until I can.

And I have started ogling Garmins online ...

Off to the shower, all glowing :)

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Congrats. Keep up the good work. I only run outside but as I have Reynaulds I only run when it is dry or I get too cold. I will need to I vestige the gym for the autumn/winter.

Mind you had to stop for a short while today to clear midges from my throat...throwing up running isn't a great look; I run in fields but would love to run by a river...say run...I could walk faster!


You must be pleased with yourself today. And I am pleased for you. I doubt if I would do it on a treadmill, they make me feel very woozy and I fall about a bit! I run outside and one day didn't put my glasses on (I don't need them in the house) and found it very difficult to pick my way ahead before I got there. Riverside running is ok but you do get a lot of tree roots which may cause you problems. Hope the shower was good. I thoroughly enjoy mine! Best bit of the run.


Thanks guys, yes I do feel proud of myself. Laura told me at the end of W6 that I'm now a "proper runner", but it was only today that I felt it :)


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