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Week 5 complete!!!!

Can't believe I did it! Ran for 20 mins non stop!

I have to admit it was my toughest run yet, felt like stopping after 5 mins but I didn't, I kept pushing on and did it!!

More than halfway through the programme and I'm really beginning to think I can do this :-)

Thanks for everyone's encouraging words, they help more than you know


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Congrats!!! I also did W5R3 today and managed to complete :) Great feeling, isn't it? All the best for the remainder of the programme. Now even I feel that I can complete it


It is a great feeling although I only just managed it, I wonder if anyone finishes it and thinks it was easy?! Ha

Well done to you too :-)


Hurrah! Well done both of you. You can definitely complete the programme now you've got this far. You've gone from 0-20, how hard can 20-30 be?! :)


20-30.. Sounds easy doesn't it ? LOL


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