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Week 1 Run 3 - Pounding the Streets not the treadmill

Hi all - my first 2 runs have been on the treadmill in the gym, this was the first in the cool fresh air this morning.

Planning is everything here, my biggest fear was finishing the final run and being about a mile from home and peoples perceptions.

Didn't see a soul the whole 25 minutes i was out, sun was out, air was cool and my legs screaming out "no more !!" - completed with the satisfaction of being 100yds from home when the podcast finished.

Also first run in a morning - so lets see what effect that as on the body later. Might repeat a week 1 run again, before moving onto week 2.

Have a nice bank holiday weekend everyone.

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Well done for getting outside - if the day is fine it's much preferable to the sweaty, smelly gym and treadmill :)

As for your route, I recall that all of the podcasts are pretty evenly organised into walking and running sections and all take approximately 35 minutes to complete. So, if you head outwards for 16 or 17 minutes, and then do an 'about turn', you should end up back at your front door every time :)

I reckon morning runs are the best for waking up your entire system and getting it buzzing happily for the day ahead ... Evening runs after a day working and possibly feeling more tired just don't do the same for me.

Have absolutely no doubt you'll make up your own mind very soon - enjoy your future runs, and lots of luck for the rest of the programme. Linda


Well done, there's no rush to move on if you don't feel ready, just make sure you try to do 3 per week, by the end of June you'll be amazed how far you can go. I tend to run at a park, my wrm up is walking to the park, then I go round, check my watch and when it's nearly cool down make sure I'm heading back where I came from :)

I find I run better in the mornings and as I then keep moving don't seem to be so stiff as when i run in the evenings then sit and do nothing afterwards :)


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