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Week 4 - Run 2 - Another one ticked off :)

Well that was difficult today...

I did the reverse of last times outing, and according to the gps watch thingy I did a bit further, but god was it hard?

The weather was a bit strange, and really windy which may have been the problem. But it was also quite cold and I don't really have much running attire so I opted for shorts and a thin fleece jumper, so I was really warm and cold at the same time, lol. :)

Anyhow, I got through it and felt really good when I got myself back together again. :)

As a bit of a side note I have been tracking my calorie intake for the past week or so, as I thought I might as well try and lose the extra flab as soon as poss to make the running easier.

I was amazed how many calories were hidden in foods I thought were, really healthy.

I was also surprised at how much effort was required to burn said calories off again.

The human body is really efficient from an energy point of view.

I could not believe the amount of effort required to burn off 2 tiny maryland cookies!

I can't remember the exact figure because I banged my head when I fainted from shock but I think it was about a mile and a half run!

I am gonna try running my car on them!

It's a good job the cookie jar is along way from my desk!


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