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Week 4 Run 2 ticked off!

Well I found that easier than run 1 I think. As someone who likes quizzes, I played a lists game with myself today. An animal for each letter of the alphabet, EU countries, US states, etc. Definitely took my mind off how much further I had to go. A bit nerdy but, hey, it worked!

Hope everyone else has good runs today!

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That's a good idea. I find running a bit boring especially now I'm on the 30 min runs.


Great idea, will try it out on my next run instead of focussing on how I have to go!


Ahh! Distraction technique. Sounds like a good tip.

Well done on the run.


Hot on your heels Hennith. Completed W4R2 today.i thought the last run would never end, but it did .... eventually. One more run then it's the dreaded W5 :-)


Great! Well I think you'll be catching me up now - just realised all my running kit's in the wash and won't be dry for tomorrow! May use the day by going for a gait analysis as I'm starting to feel the odd twinge here and there ...


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