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A short mistake!

W2R2 last night, and I didn't get out until 8:00. The day had been busy and I had walked for miles, so I changed and nipped out to my local running spot, Shipley Bridge on Dartmoor. The run up to(wards) the dam is a gentle slope, but last night with a strong headwind, wet ground and tired legs it was a pull.

As it had been such a lovely day,I dug out my shorts and wore those ~ BIG mistake!! It was cold in the wind and shade, and my legs felt really tight. The first 90 second run was hell as the wind seemed to sap what little energy I had left ~ 2 minutes walking helped recover and the rest was OK as I immersed myself in the scenery and talked to the grazing sheep.

Back out with the Tracksters tomorrow!

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Oh no, that sounds really uncomfortable. After driving to Rothiemurchus yesterday I stepped out of the car in t-shirt and shorts, and promptly got back in again! I should have known it would be cold as the car thermometer said 7.5C and it was windy. Luckily I'd taken my calf-length tights too so changed into these. I needed my Montane windshirt too for the first 10 minutes then it was stuffed into my belt bag for the rest of the run. It's snowing there today apparently.


Cooo, your car tell you in half degree increments ~ mine only manages whole degrees, and it said 10, but I don't believe it.

I wish I had your fore-site to bring extra clothing. I will learn!

I heard that the snow gates had been closed somewhere. For late May, that is a bit of a surprise.


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