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The end is near!!

Can't believe that I am already in week 9 of the programme. It has flown by and appart from a few of the runs in week 4 I have enjoyed it and been really pleased with the progress I have made. I'm due to do W9R3 tomorrow so want to make it a good one. Have been trying to run at different times of day and do different routes as I stuck to one route for most of the programme, but am going back to my trusty canal path for my last run.

Looking forward to the post 5k podcasts which I have already downloaded, as I am really keen not to loose momentum.

Although I must be healthier with a stronger heart now I am running, I still feel a bit achy after running. I haven't really experienced the surge in energy that other people have mentioned (appart from immediately after a run). Is it because my body is still adjusting to the trauma of being dragged off the couch?!

Thanks to everyone for your encouraging comments and posts - you're a real inspiration! :)

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Good luck-I start my week 9 sat -am looking fwd to completing -but nervous about -what then?. Thanks for the suggestion to look at post 5k now.

So have a great run and look fwd to seeing your shiny new badge.x


Wonderful! Good luck with you last run! All will go well. I am very interested to knwo how you get on with the 5+ podcasts as there are not many comments on those. I have done stepping stone and have been runnign stamina for a month now. Eventhough the "beat per minute" running requires a bit of getting used to...5k+ really is an amazing "journey" as well! Laura is just as wonderful, only you'll notice that you start to depend more on your own strength. Take care and good luck! Looking forward reading about your 5k+ experience. Go get that graduation badge:-)


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