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5x50 finale team photo - and well done willclaw and scotclaw!

Apologies for posting about this again, but the website was so uncooperative last night, that I don't know whether my post arrived on it or not.

If you were in the 5x50 challenge, and would like to update or add you photo for the grand finale team picture, please email me a picture at greenlegs7 @ (without the spaces round the @).

Say by Friday lunchtime, to allow for difficulties accessing the site.

And well done to the claw family (clawmum, willclaw and scotclaw) - we had two youngsters in our team - we wouldn't have made 20,000 without them. The final total was 20,470, and the younger claws total was 476km! Well done and thank you! We didn't realise just how close it was! :)

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