5x50 PARTAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the best team ever!

You did it! And I bet there are still ks to be recorded! You are the most amazing team!

Welcome to your 5x50 party! There is champagne, beer, Pimms or freshly-squeezed orange juice. There are healthy snacks... and less than healthy snacks. Over in one corner is a foot-spa and a masseuse. On stage there are cheerleaders baton-twirling, back-flipping and somersaulting. There's a dance-floor and a band. There's a playroom next door for children. There's a screen with the amazing Malcymeter where you can check out your best performances. There are trumpets, there are drums, and in a quiet room next door there is a very understanding counsellor. (You may make appointments for a few weeks hence, if that helps.)

So - grab a drink, grab your partner and boogie out another 5k! Chat to all your new friends, check out the photos, share those good times when you knew you were going to make it! And congratulate yourselves, because you have done a fantastic job. You rock!


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115 Replies

  • Oh, Annie, that is just what the doctor ordered. Me first with the foot spa please! Though anyone who ran more than 6km can push me out of the way. :D

    Loving the malcymeter screen. :)

    Thank you for your wonderful cheer-leading - it really has helped so much to make us into a real team. :D Yay, go Annie!

  • You're welcome! You all did such a good job, the very least I could do was organise your party!

  • ha, I have a slightly purple toe, can I overtake you on the foot spa? ;)

  • Absolutely - you must go first! :)

  • We've put the Coldplay 2012 concert on the Blu Ray. They just did "Hurts Like Heaven"

    What a party!

  • Great choice! Have a great time at the party - you deserve it :)

  • Great party ! Thank you SO much Annie, you ROCK too !! :-)

    Cheers everyone !

  • Thank you - but the party is for all you wonderful people who ran/walked/swam/Wii-d/zumba-ed/swiss-balled/aerobic-ed/Davina-ed/cycled/hiked/ - what have I missed? anyway, you get it - now go party!

  • What a great party! I'm having a blast. I especially love the malcymeter screen!

    Annie, you have been the best cheerleader throughout this, it really has made a huge difference! What's your tipple? I'm heading to the bar! :)

  • Woo-hoo! Champagne for me, please :) I'm toasting you all :D

  • Champers for me please and a sports massage. Not sure if you can do both at the same time but I will give it a go.

  • Now that sounds like a good idea! I'll join you, after I finish my Lady Grey tea. :)

    We'd better save some champers for Gayle and Steve and Bluebonnet over in the US of A - they can't drink it yet, or it could spoil their final day efforts!

  • There'll be plenty left for them, don't worry :)

  • what a spectacular achievement & I am so pleased to be the first non-graduate to say well done to each and every one of the C25k 5x50 team....

    some of us are yet to get the grades, but you are our inspiration & our support.... enjoy the party you have well deserved it...

    ... my only question is - where do I sign up for 5x50 2014?

  • Well you can't sign up yet, as it isn't on there yet, but the email we got today said it will be same time next year.


    I think next year it might be higher profile, now it's linked with Comic Relief.

    Now, do have a drink! I hope Annie hasn't run off, now where's she got to?

  • I've just emailed them to ask if I can be a Fiver next year !

    It's just been such a brilliant experience and people have been interested and impressed by my humble efforts - I got a friend in Wisconsin to join in so I must be able to get some local people interested too :-)

    What has happened to me ? Best drink more wine while I reflect on the changes since I started c25k last February.............

  • You are amazing - that's what :)

  • *blushing* You're too kind :-)

  • I'm here - just on my third glass of bubbly ;) I'm definitely signing up for next year's effort! Cheers, all!

  • Pimms pleeeease Annie. Thanks for your support, it's been invaluable and the party is briliant.

    It's going to be a bit flat next week after all this razzmatazz.

  • Here's your Pimms - enjoy :) There has to be another party next week as well, because of Theresa's 5x100 celebration. Oh... let's just carry on, shall we?

  • Yes, lets...... I dont want this to end and I feel like a teenager again, partying into the wee small hours.....!

  • Annie, Annie, Annie! You are the best! You are sooooo much a part of this team! The party is brilliant, thank you so much for organising! I danced the night away last night but I do like a boogie so who will join me on the dance floor?! :) I just dont want this day to end.......I am on such a high right now! We truely are simply the best!

    There is a drink behind the bar for you Annie, you deserve it!


  • Sorry, I can't join you dancing until rollertoaster's finished with the foot spa!

  • I won't be long.. actually I could be a while! ;)

  • Let's put another one in that corner over there. In fact, let's have a hot tub as well for those that fancy it :D

  • Woo-hoo, thank you! I'm dancing the night away here, glass of champagne in one hand, shoes kicked off somewhere - celebrating your success :)

  • Total now is 20265 - we didn't just squeak in, we roared through! And still 3 hours to go.


  • Fabdoozy! What a team! What an achievement! What a party!!!

  • Coldplay just did "God Put A Smile Upon My Face"

    They must have written that song for this moment!

  • There's surely a lot of smiling going on :) Isn't it great of them to write just the right stuff for us?

  • Yay! Coldplay live was the best night of my life....Chris runs you know, and I think it shows in his songs.

  • Which gig did you see? My son - the twin whose birthday was today - treated all of us to a weekend away last May without telling us we were going to see them in Manchester. An astonishing experience. A bit loud, though (showing my age there)

  • Wow - haven't been to a party in ages - Thanks Annie (cheerleader in chief). Is that a hot tub I see outside? I think I'll take my champers out there for a while - feet less of a problem than biker's bum at the moment! Thanks again for hosting Annie :-D

  • Ooooh I will join you Ann! Trouble is what do I wear, didint bring my bikini?! Biker's bum....so funny but soooo painful! :O Sit down real gentle and let those bubbles do their thing.....

  • D'you know what, this party is so amazing, there's a cupboard just round that corner with cossies, bikinis, flip-flops, garlands - whatever you need, it's there!

  • Oooooo - I so want a garland! :D

  • You really have thought of everything...you rock!!

  • Oh yeah - hot tub, champagne, stars - wonderful! I do hope your biker's bum recovers soon :D - are you still able to dance the night away?

  • Dancing no problem :-) I invented a new one- the Biker Bum Bubble Boogie specially for hot tubs. Thanks for the offer of a hand out- I'm happy nattering with Sue here (we share history doncha know?) but if I need a lift up later I'll shout! Here's a packet of twiglets for anyone who guesses whatSue and I have in common. No clues now Sue!

  • I promise not to say a word Ann!! I think you need to come up with more than twiglets to get them guessing though!!!

    Love the new dance moves...show me how it goes again.....

  • I think the twiglets are safe anyway Sue- they've all gone for a bop and left us here! Think I'll be away for an early-ish night now - too much to do in the morning and I need my beauty sleep. All you party animals the night is yet young. See you tomorrow and be good :-)

  • I'm getting wrinkly in this hot tub anyway so time to get out now I think.....

    Sweet dreams Ann and I promise to be good!


  • I've got cake!

    Ooooh that's Snow Patrol just coming on ..... Run :P

  • Oooh, cake - well done!

  • Almost (but not quite) too tired to party but you had me hooked when you mentioned Pimms. Great bar staff Annie- it's as if you only have to think of it and your drink appears.

    Someone mind my Pimms, Ann needs a hand out of the hot tub. Oh she'll have to wait, time to dance, it's Queen "Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time"

  • Poor Ann! Dont worry, I'm keeping her company until you have finished your boogie!! ;)

  • That's what friends are for :)

  • Nah, you can't miss this party! Go and enjoy yourself on the dance floor - I'm sure Ann won't mind staying in that hot tub just a little while longer :D

  • A slight distraction from the party dancing...

    Now I've just been very nosy, staring at the Malcymeter stats on that big screen, and peeked at people's running totals - I know that I've done a relatively low proportion of running compared with other activities, and wondered how others had done.

    So, as far as I can see, the leader-board for running, for those who ran 100k or more (!) goes like this:

    Pastyman 295k - WOW - all those 10ks (or 5+5) on consecutive days!

    Phil - 232k

    Olsbean - 229k

    Swanscot - 203k

    Hazel - 174k

    AnnieW - 172k

    Malcy - 169k

    Sue sbg - 153k

    Bonnie Ware - 143k

    landesman - 141k

    Keri Hyde - 141k

    Susan Mackay - 124k

    Delia - 116k

    Jane Winfield - 116k

    Thistime - 115k

    Andrea - 115k

    wilma - 111k

    avensis - 109k

    jenniej - 105k

    linnylou - 104k

    getsetgo 101k

    Amazing hard work all of you! It's interesting, because it doesn't reflect the km total leaderboard very much at all! (Apologies if I've made any mistakes, or if you've done km today that aren't included yet.)

    Anyway, it's made me want to do 5x50 again, and include more running (my total was well below 100). So thanks all for the inspiration!

    Cheers, Di

  • Yep, that's my regret from this, that I should have run more. So roll on next year's challenge!

  • Oh, no regrets now, not at a party! And especially when you've just run a half marathon! :D

  • Very interesting set of stats Di. I am actually very surprised that I am so high up there; very encouraging indeed :) I think you deserve another drink from the bar for that and a jump in the hot tub before a boogie on the dance floor (you have to dry off first though!!!)


  • OK - I wouldn't want to slip on the floor and not be able to do my exercise tomorrow now, would I?

  • What fantastic statistics - just awesome!

  • great to read the stats. you are all amazing! I wanted to widen my activities, so the 5x50 has done that from me. But I didn't cycle once..watch out road users next year!!!

  • > Amazing hard work all of you! It's interesting, because it doesn't

    > reflect the km total leaderboard very much at all!

    Well, I'm in a similar place, so does that mean I'm well-rounded, or something? ;-)

  • Great stats Di....it's ages since you did some!! Didn't realise I ran so much, would like to do more now. Still have 9 days left with Theresa. Sounds like you all had a great time.....me and Delia are just starting on the champagne I found by the door :)

  • Me too, greenlegs! In fact now that the challenge is over I'm definitely going to put a bit more effort into my running. My husband, Steve, is training for our local half marathon in a few weeks time and he is encouraging me to try to get up to 10k for October/November. Haven't committed myself yet but do admit I need another challenge! :)


  • Thanks, Pam. Do grab a drink while you're here - and it's only about ten months to the next challenge!

  • That should just about do it! Roll on next year :)

  • lots and lots X

  • Well done evereyone! I am still at work,. super busy, but will be jumping on my bike when I gete home to do a quick 9k to reach my personal 350k for the challenge! Cheers (clinks cup holding cold tea from 2 hours ago!!!! :-)

  • Well enjoy that cold tea now! Or is it virtual champagne???? ;) Enjoy your day 50 celebratory bike ride. :)

  • Oh Poppy, so sorry you are at work, it just doesnt feel right somehow..... :( Your 9k will be very welcome to the team total. I am in awe that you can do that so late in the day. I will keep a drink behind the bar for you for when you have finished! ;)


  • Aw thanks, it was a great ride, not much traffic, runkeeper shouting at me every k and every 5 mins, was just under 3 mins a km until I had to slow for the last traffic lights! Grrr!

  • Oh, sorry you're still at work, but go you! for your 9k when you get home! 350k is amazing :) Cheers - we're celebrating with you, and wishing you were here!

  • I was there in spirit, just the bad boys of Tower Hamlets were out partying to their own fighting, robbing, antisocial tunes! Enjoying my Magners now...cheers!

  • Poppy you are a super star who is super busy XXX

  • Thank you kindly! ;-)

  • This is the best party for years. Finishing the C25k is celebratory, but the whole team effect is amazing!! 5x50 rocks!

  • It's really funny, but as I'm sitting here reading and responding, I'm also at the party, with all you wonderful people!

  • OK, I'm yawning now. Think I'll have to leave early. Sorry to be a party-pooper, but I was out last night too, and I just can't do late nights any more. Thanks for the brilliant party, Annie. :)

    Night all. x

    See you next year! :D

  • You're very welcome, Di - sleep well!

  • Stop the music!!!!!!

    There is a purple toenail in the foot spa!

    I thought it was the punch bowl :-(

  • eeeeuuuuwwww! I'm off! :D

  • ewww ewww ewww :O Quick, hop into the hot tub instead!

  • Yes come and enjoy the hot tub with Ann and myself, its great doing the Biker Bum Bubble Boogie...... (dont ask!!)

  • Wasn't me, honest!

  • Great end to a great day - Malcymeter now stands at 20394!

    Just catching up after entertaining my 2 sisters for dinner, including the one from Oz. Cooked 7hour lamb - would recommend it.

  • A fantastic day! 7hour lamb sounds lovely - could you send the recipe over, please?

  • An Ozzy recipe:


    Didn't have any anchovies and put lots more veg in the stock (but I always modify recipes!)

  • 20394??? 637km today and still counting!

    Right, I really am going now. Work tomorrow. If I can move. :D

  • Nooooo! Just one more for the road Di, come one! You know you want to.... :) I promise to give you a wake up call tomorrow and anyway, malcy wants a dance! :D

  • Yeah - Boogie Nights is just coming on.

  • Just luv this!! Can I join you too?!

  • Malcy? I want a dance too!!

  • Gotto keep on dancin'...keep on dancin...

  • Gotta luv heatwave........

  • One of my favourites. The Nolans - second only to Tina Charles!

  • I love to love, but my baby just wants to dance

  • Late to the party but ready to boogie. Thanks Annie, you've been a superstar throughout this. Well done everyone. What an amazing achievement by us all. Red wine over here please!

  • Here you go Khrissy..... Come join me, Malcy and Theresa on the dance floor and enjoy the celebrations! :)

  • Cheers! Ooh, gangnam style! I would never have had the stamina before :D

  • Hope I'm not too late! Champagne in the hot tub sounds good to me.

  • Not too late, party still going strong! The hot tub is free now so enjoy!

  • Ok I'm a bit late to the party (like everything else!) but I'm throwing down the champagne and heading onto the dance floor. COME ON!

  • Come join us Tati and bring the champagne too!!

  • Listen up everyone. Pizza Hut heard about our achievement and just delivered 20 supersize pizzas.

  • Mmmmmmm! Pizza after a drinking session is heaven! Thanks Pizza Hut!!

  • Oh that sounds like my kind of party :-) Thankyou xx I'm on my sofa with g&t in hand a little gutted its all over :-( xx

  • It's not over until the fat lady sings. Oh wait, there are no fat ladies here as we are all super fit and healthy!! It still isnt over yet so get your dancing shoes on. I think Malcy and me may be the last few standing......

  • Mmm, think I still count as a fat lady! maybe not by next year... Karioke anyone?

  • Oh my! Not had pizza since pre 5th Jan. Yum!

  • I'm very late arriving at the party, but frankly I'm feeling wiped out. I think I'll sit a while in the hot tub, before indulging in the dancing. Oh, wait, I'll have a massage first, then jump in the hot tub.

  • I can believe that! Enjoy the hot tub, it was lovely!!

  • Give me a shout when you're heading for the tub. I'll bring some pizza over for you.

  • Will do, Malcy thanks. And maybe a wee cheeky glass of vino.

  • Hot tub sounds nice, is it free now for me, no pizza but finished my ryvita and peanut butter (needed a crunch with my magners!)

    Hope no-one has a hangover tomorrow (there goes the Mum in me again!!!!)

    20,458 total now - fantastic team!!! :-)

  • WAKE-UP!!! PARTY TIME!!!!! we swam and we swam as fast as we could and just now made it across the pond!!!! ;-) I think I will grab a cold one and try this biker bum bubble boogie thingie! Steve is heading through the door bringing more brew and I just now hear the start of boogie nights again, might have to teach him the biker bum too! Looks like you sleepyheads need to hop back up and celebrate some more! Thank you Annie for a Fab, Fab, Fab party! It is absolutely stunning in every way! ;-) HOLDING A REAL VINO UP IN HONOR OF ALL OF MY TEAMMATES TONIGHT! :-) Gayle

  • I seem to have missed the party... gosh what a mess! What have you all been up to? Any champers left? :-D

  • I missed it too Delia, but we can maybe clear up a bit and then jump in the hot tub to do the bum boogie....hold on I see a case of champers by the door.....sod the clearing up lets just drink :) Well done all you fantastic C25Kers, we all rock and a big cheer for the best cheerleader and party giver ever....you rock Annie ;-)

  • Congratulations to you all ... fantastic achievement, enjoy your partying :)

  • Great party. Thanks to everyone for the support and of course the Malcymeter.

    Only sorry I could not have done more running. I will be back with that now I have some cherished rest days to recover!

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