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First two post graduation runs

Firstly, I seem to have an option to post to either Community Blogs or Coach 25K+ blog. What's that all about please?

Anyway, that's not what I came here to say. Just got back from my second post grad run. It seemed harder than last Sunday's but I kept plodding through it. Sometimes I feel I can breath in for ages but can't breath out for very long before having to take another gasp. Other times, the breathing seems easier. A lot seems to depend how much I think about it!

I'm still running with Zombies Run! at the moment but I've turned off the zombie attacks as I'm not sure I'm ready for interval training yet. I'm aiming to run for 35 minutes each time out as that's what I did the Park Run in the other day. At the moment I just don't believe I will ever get faster or be able to run for longer. I am in awe of those people who say they felt they could just keep running! How do you do it?!

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Mmm - I find with the breathing that I breathe best if I don't think about it! I can cope with thinking about breathing in yoga, when I'm lying flat on my back and not doing anything else, but coordinating it with running just tangles me up!

The community blogs/c2kk+ bit is a graduate thing! Special honour! I was surprised by that when I graduated too. Both get listed if you go to the home page, or click 'Blogs' but if you click on the tabs for one or the other, you can just see the main community listing, or just the grad listing. So only graduates can post on this list (eg for stuff about running more than 30 minutes), but you can still put general stuff on the community list. It took me ages to figure it out! Anyone can post replies to grad blogs though, which is great. Hope that makes sense.

I still haven't tried zombies as I didn't have the right techie stuff, though now I have a phone I could use for it I think (I managed to upload a podcast to it for the first time last night, and I managed to download my photos - major achievement, which my family just did not appreciate!)


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