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Week 4 ..... Never thought it would be possible!

Have really enjoyed the last three weeks - from being 100% sedentary and having had a partial knee replacement last year, I decided its time to strenthen muscles in my legs to aid in recovery of my knee. Before the op, I could not even run three steps to get out the way of a bus! So I started with much intrepidation and it is remarkable how much I have enjoyed it. Being mindful of the risk of injury, I have stuck to flat surfaces and nursed my knee into jogging, albeit slowly.

So I start week 4 today with longer stretches of running, and I am feeling positive. And an added bonus is that my jeans are definitely looser and may need replacing soon with a smaller size - what an added bonus!

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Great going! It is truly a fabulous program! I hope the knee continues to cooperate! :-) Gayle


Oh well done! I've just done week 4 and it seems like a huge step doesn't it. Please let us know how you get on with it. What a great feeling it must be getting into smaller jeans. How cool is that for a bonus from running. Keep going. You're doing so well. If I can do it, anyone can! :-D


Ps - meant to say that I'm also pleased you're looking after your knee. It sounds like you're making great and sensible progress. I hope your knee gets stronger and look forward to your progress.


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