I’ve gone and done a Malcy! Another half marathoner here!

I’ve gone and done a Malcy! Another half marathoner here!

Like many others I wanted to do something special for the last day of 5x50 :( so when I saw Malcy’s suggestion of doing a half marathon distance running and walking, I couldn’t resist! I plotted a route, along the canal for 10 and a bit K and then back again. Simples! This conveniently takes me from fairly close to my house right to the centre of Oxford. I planned to run one way and walk back.

So this morning I had a good breakfast, jumped in the shower and off I went. I started my warm up walk and thought oh no, I need a wee! Chose to ignore it and put it down to nerves and off I went. I guess the route was fairly standard. Being my third 10K, I actually feel I am starting to get a bit more comfortable doing them! (can’t believe I just said that). It was fairly uneventful, beautiful and relaxing. I enjoyed seeing my city from a different perspective. So much so, I wasn’t sure when I had reached the end! It seemed to arrive quicker than I expected, so I fumbled around a bit deciding if I was in the right place. I was. I turned Endomondo off and had recorded 10.15K in 1.04.26.

I quickly popped to a nearby loo, just in case, but shouldn’t have bothered! Right, the return journey. I decided to do a light jog, after all it was quicker than walking, and home seemed so far away! So off I went, feeling comfortable and feeling like each step was a running bonus and extra mileage for the team. After a while my playlist finished and so I fished out my phone to restart it and saw I had done 5K. I was halfway home already! Soon after this, I started to feel more tired. I felt hungry and really thirsty! All I could think about was water! I hadn’t brought any with me as I don’t like carrying around things, but luckily I was on the canal where there are occasional water taps. Now I felt like a real runner as I paused momentarily like a marathoner at a water station to bend down, splash a handful of water over my face and take a quick mouthful! (I didn’t want any more, in case it was dodgy!)

I persevered and made it, adding an extra 1K on the end to make sure I completed the half marathon distance. It was slower than the first half, but I ran the whole thing and recorded 11.01K in 1.20.23, so in total I ran 21.16K in 2.24.49.

I can’t believe that only a few weeks ago I blogged about my first 10K and here I am doing that twice? Have I lost my marbles? The 5x50 effect indeed knows no limits within our team!

I am planning to blog about my experience with this great challenge, but not now. Now I need to lie down for a bit! :)

(The picture is from the route, but taken another day on a recce during a lunchtime walk)


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34 Replies

  • Well done!

  • Thanks! :)

  • I am laughing so much at that! Amazing. So - when do you do the marathon then, now you've practised the water-drinking bit? ;) Honestly, that is so inspiring - well, this whole day has been, hasn't it! :)

  • It's been a truly amazing day! Everyone is so inspiring. I'm really going to miss the challenge and am feeling quite emotional, but I am also looking forward to a rest day when I want one ;) though it won't be until at least Saturday.

    On the marathon thing, no thanks. :)

  • Stunning!

    Check Malcy's 20000K blog and choose an actress you'd like to play you in the movie they'll make of this :-)

  • Of course, the obligatory movie! I've cast my vote. :)

  • Wow! Brilliant, you must be so proud xox Delia :-)

  • Thanks Delia, I really am proud, and very tired :)

  • Amazing! I'm in awe. Thank you for helping us to make it to our goal :D You should be deservedly very proud with what you've achieved. Loved the image of the water station!

  • Thanks! I'm in awe of you! Another 50 days? No thanks! :)

  • I know. I'm nuts :O

  • Fantastic what a woman!! I hope to be able to do that someday soon, but just concentrating on getting to 10km at the moment. You deserve to feel very proud of yourself, relax now and enjoy that afterglow :-D

  • Thanks rockchick! You'll get there soon I'm sure!

  • Congratulations, team mate. What a fabulous end to the challenge. I just loved the image of you at the water station drinking like a marathoner. Well done!

  • What a team we are! We rock! I'll miss the challenge :(

  • Great result, well done !

  • Thanks! You've had great results today too I see!

  • Hilary, I bow down to you!! We have been pretty neck and neck since we started C25K all those months ago, graduating together, running a 10k at the same time, starting this challenge, but now.....you have out paced me big time!! I am in awe!! :) I too am pretty emotional right now.....

    I have my champagne here and raise a glass to you and your massive 'accidental' achievement!! Cheers!

    Sue x

  • Thanks Sue. You know, I bet you could do it if you gave it a go..

    What a challenge and what a team! Everyone has a story of how they have surpassed their expectations and I really think that the team spirit has made all the difference! I ran the 10K as everyone seemed to be doing it, and then Malcy inspired me for this! Please lord, no one mention a marathon ;)

    It's been an amazing experience, and with many new friends along the way. I'll drink to that, cheers! :)

  • Well done Roller, a wonderful achievement, mind blowing in fact, you'll have to change your name to WonderWoman. The whole 5x50 challenge has been great to follow, I've not stopped being greatly impressed by you all, a real team spirit throughout the whole 50 days. :) Smashing blog reading by the way at the end of a tough run ;)

  • Thanks Oldgirl, there are many superheroes in our team :), it's been an amazing challenge, a great testament to C25K and I hope inspiring to all those still doing the programme.

    Lovely to see a picture of you :)

  • Cheers to you and your accidental achievement!!!!! :-) Enjoy the last day of the challenge and the memories you made. I want to give you a personal thank you. I was very comfy in my bed this morning and then you posted about your run...I was going to be very happy doing the organized 5K later today for a child with bone cancer...no couldn't stay in my nice little bed, after reading your blog and a few others, I felt like a lazy butt. ;-) Up and away to do a 5K this morning before the other 5K this afternoon. Nothing in comparison to your achievement though! :-) Gayle

  • We all will have such great memories from this challenge! It's so sad that it's come to an end, and I will miss seeing everyone's progress.

    Wow, and to inspire you, when you have inspired me so much really means a lot! (It's partly your fault I ran that first 10k!). Two 5Ks in one day is no mean feat! To have the motivation to go out twice is amazing! I just had to get home somehow, and that seemed the quickest way of doing it! :)

  • That's amazing - you must be very proud of yourself! I am in awe :)

  • Thanks Annie! :)

  • Fantastic - sounds like a great day. Just checked the Malcymeter and seen your amazing total.

  • Thanks Wima, everyone's done so well, we should all be very proud. I'm still grinning as I can't believe we smashed the target so decisively!

  • sorry, Wilma, not Wima!

  • Amazing, Well done, Rollertoaster. A lovely blog, too. Thanks for sharing.

    When Malcy first mentioned doing a half-marathon distance for the grand finale, I really wanted to do this too. But I'd forgotten I was leading a guided walk for our local community group today! So after being our with the group from 10 am - 2.30pm, (and walking 12 km off road) I just didn't have the energy to run for 21km. However, I went out there and did 15 km in a respectable time, but I'm happy with that and will do the 21km on my next lsd run.

  • Thanks swan! Running 15K after a 12K walk? You really are superwoman! :) It has been so inspiring to read what you have been up to for the last 50 days and your photos really bring it to life for me! Amazing stuff!

  • Marathon! Marathon! Marathon!

    Oh -did somebody say no marathons? (Whistles innocently).

    How do you accidentally run for 21k??? Fantastic achievement for the last day..

  • la, la, la, not listening! (fingers in ears!)

    I will no longer be influenced by forum members into doing mad things! :)

  • Thinking about Rollertoaster's and Malcy's posts, what is most inspiring to me, is that we (fellow runners) are just as happy for them as if they had participated in a Half Marathon race. I suspect the general public would not quite 'get it'. That is, not understand the sense of achievement from running 21 km, and doing it 'just because' and not in a HM Race.

  • Today in the office I am wearing an inane grin and walking a little stiffly, which has drawn attention! On regaling my colleagues of yesterday's escapades, the runners in the office are very impressed, whereas the non-runners just think I'm nuts (in a vaguely impressed kind of way!). The inane grin is not showing signs of waning yet though :)

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