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W6r1 after 2 week break

So, 2 weeks since I finished w5r3 - a week away with students so any time for myself was impossible, and then a week with a bad head cold; the vertigo made walking difficult let alone running ;0)

Anyway, nice morning so I got out there and decided what the heck...give the next run a go and wow...I did it and then some. I ran on through the 5 minute walk so did a 5, 8, then 10 minute run. Saying that I am not looking forward to r3!

As a treat I might buy myself some runnng shorts as I assume long joggers in the summer might be uncomfortable and who knows, my legs might not look too terrible with all this exercise ;0)

I really am amazed at how this programme gets you fitter and help your body maintain fitness even when you stop for a short break.

I hope the weather stays good as running in the rain with glasses is a no go for me but if anyone has any tips on wet weather spectacle maintenance, please pass them on

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Well done! I've done almost the same this morning - repeated W6R1 after 9 days off because of illness, and it went fine.


I bought myself a baseball-style cap so that the peak could keep the sun (ha,as if that's likely to be a problem) or rain (more likely!) out of my eyes, since I can't go anywhere without my glasses...


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