Week 6- run 3

Made my mind up sun morning I was off to do the 25 mins. I was up early as my wayward 15 year old had caused some drama in the night - and i was fuelled by the need to use up excess energy. My route was quite hilly - but I just decided to get on with it. So 5 mins in - really hard - legs felt like lead. My hip started creaking aaaagh. But carried on and was pleasantly surprised to hear Laura say 12 mins. So I podded on mostly up hill - by now I was going to finish it but it was very hard work. Last five mins announced - I ran this very reluctantly - and was dismayed to be finishing on a long slow hill. But Laura said one minute - so I crawled up -mentally begging Laura to say stop - 60 long seconds later she did. Hooray hooray I finished it - the elation was fantastic - the tears I wept slightly ridiculous.

And officially I am a runner! I am so pleased with this programme and what it has enabled me to achieve - I never thought I would get back to running again.

My body does respond with sore knees and feeling like I have been shaken up - but still I feel a good effort nonetheless. So off out tomorrow for my first run of week 7 - I am treating myself to a flatter run - in the hope it won't feel like such a mental challenge - because despite my fears I could actually run for 25 mins.

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  • Well done for completing the run. I did it yesterday and it's a great feeling to run for 25 minutes. You were brave to do it on a hilly route. Your next run will be much easier!

  • Oh, well done! It is amazing how long 60 seconds can go on for, isn't it! Though maybe not quite as long as in week 1. :)

    Enjoy week 7. Slow and steady at the start can really help. ;)

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