I'm back from my holiday, very little running done though!!

I'm back from my holiday, very little running done though!!

Had a smashing holiday, not much running to speak of was done though. A lot of eating, good amount of drinking, sand dune bashing and of course some other exercises thrown in like aqua gym and aero box class. But best of all I saw whales which is what I went for in first place.

Would recommend this place in April/May if you like to see wild life (very very large, wild life)

Now back to some running next week hopefully.

Haha, check out the trips on my Garmin



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  • Welcome home! Great pic.

    Right, now it's time to get those running shoes on again!

  • wow- amazing picture, I would so love to see whales, happy running, Julia

  • Stunning picture, glad u had a great holiday.

    Now as Malcy says trainers on, get out there ;-)

  • Wow, what a great experience! I'd love to do this some day!

    Happy running when you get out there! :-)

  • Wow, superb. Cape Verde is on my 'must visit' list.

  • Yes its a lovely place Swanscot we have been there 5 times now. April/May you have a good chance of seeing whales if you go to Boa Vista, June/July Leatherback turtles come in to lay their eggs, then later I think September when the baby turtles hatch and scamper for the water. Another thing to take us back there again.

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