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Week 5 run 2- new shoes win, technology fail! (Edited due to wrong number)


Well we went to the little sports shop in Warwick today and got some decent shoes (are they still called trainers these days?). They were lovely. Checked our gait and got loads for me to try on. They even had some in hubbies size 13! I do over pronate apparently. I've not had such care taken over my shoes since I was a kid at Clarks. We both ended up with something from "last season" - thus reduced in cost. Mine are asics. Actually the first pair I tried but she checked with lots of others too.

Then after wearing round the house for a bit as suggested, we set off on run 2. Trainers were excellent. Whilst I still have beginners aches in my legs, the weird feeling in my shins from the last 2 runs has gone. Result! Only trouble was, half way through the warm up walk u thought I'd turn my volume down and ended up skipping to another podcast! Oops! As needed to keep in sync with hubbie I ended up switching to music and just got him to tell me when to run etc. the music was nicer , but I missed Laura's encouragement! Weirdly though the eight minutes went quite fast. I mean, I thought my lungs would explode, but it went fairly quick! We also got joined by a small yapper-type dog at one point! Now to run 3. Eek!

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Our son who runs all the time with splendid speeds and who took us to have our gait analysed said we must call them "running shoes"!! I like it cos it sounds very technical and makes me feel I could become a runner one day. He thinks so too and is proud and encouraging of me...at 66!


Ooo lovely new running gear :D Well done on the run. Must be fab running with your spouse. x


It is great doing it together. Keeps the motivation too - I can't stop - he's still going etc'


There's something in my eye after reading how proud lycra's son is.

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