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And, that's a wrap

Well I started the C25K on the 28th January and along the way had to take 4 weeks off due to a chest infection, but I managed it last night. I have no idea how far I ran as Endomondo decided not to activate the GPS, but meh!! I did it :)

To be honest this was a fantastic experience and not nearly as hard as I was expecting, the way it builds you up slowly works perfectly.

Now where do I go from here :)

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First step -click on Feedback (on the top green line) and ask for a graduate badge next to your name!

As for where next - depends what you want to do - go further, go faster, get fitter, stay about the same fitness and just enjoy running...

Whatever you go for, hope you go on enjoying it. :)


Congratulations on graduating! What next? You could try the C25k+ podcasts, or you might go for a Parkrun, perhaps? Whatever it is, enjoy :)


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