To-day I GRADUATED :-)

To-day I GRADUATED :-)

Q: Why do runners go jogging early in the morning?

A: They want to finish before their brain figures out what they're doing.

Thank you to everyone on this lovely community site, to those who gave me encouragement when I needed it and for all the wonderful blogs that became my inspiration …… So here is mine, feel free to stop reading before I bore you silly, because it’s going to read like War and Peace ……..

The reason I started this running lark, was because I had what the medical profession called a ‘Bakers Cyst’ at the back of my knee which burst. This resulted in the fluid dispersing around my knee and into my lower calf. The tablets the doctors prescribe where just getting stronger and stronger and were failing to ease the pain or remove the build-up of fluid. My doctor asked me if I exercised, I replied yes! I do Zumba 3 times a week ……… To this he sucked in his breath, shook his head and said ‘Not a good form of exercise, take up cycling or running’.

So, one week before my 54th birthday (9 weeks ago) I made a pledge to myself that I would follow this podcast for the full 9 weeks and I would crawl out of bed extra early on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, as I work all week, thus insuring I kept my weekends free. I had a couple of hic-up days, when I had to run two days in a row, but I did it :)

Week 8 was my one and only nemesis week, I found this week such a struggle, it started off bad on the Monday, but I got through it in 4 days ……. on the plus side I ran an extra 10 minutes that week

Week 9 and I decided to abandoned Laura, and use my own playlist. Laura was only going to give me time checks in my ear and I could do that with my own mixture of inspirational music, for me it was a wise move. For my last song, which took me to the 30 minutes and the finish line, I chose Michael Bolton singing ‘Go the Distance’ followed by Alicia Keys and ‘Girl on Fire’ as my cool down walk song.

Run 1 = My playlist worked, finished 30:45 mins with 3.97km covered

Run 2 = I added another song to the list, finished 33:21 mins with 4:15km covered

Run 3 = Legs were like lead, and that feeling stayed with me all the way. I really struggled to complete this run, I just so wanted to give up, but tomorrow was the weekend and my free time and I was determined to complete this program, on time and on schedule. I took a look at my Garmin; I had one minute left with no strength or energy to push that little bit extra. As soon as the timer showed 30mins, I stopped and I was gasping for breath. Finished 30:00 mins with 3.82km covered. I forced myself to stand upright and start walking, and I did so until my watch said I had reached the 5k mark. By doing so I have now set my next target, I now know the point I need to reach. This could take another 9 weeks (or more!) …. :D …. I’m a plodder!!!

Over these past 9 weeks I have learned the following:

• My nose still runs like a tap, not nice!

• I have no control over my breathing, I still pant like a dog!

• My face goes beetroot, even more so now I’ve reached the 30 minutes!

• I cannot talk as I run; I know this because I’m unable to sing along with my music!

• I’ve got one inner ear bigger than the other …… I know this because I had to use two different size ear plugs on my earphones, to ensure they stayed put!

• Running for me is a love hate relationship ……. hate starting but I love finishing!

• I’ve discovered that I like running in the rain!

• I love the solitude of the running ..... just me and my thoughts!

• I can now bend my knee and hold onto my ankle, so the doctor was right! ……. I still do my Zumba classes, but I’ve reduced them down to 2 not 3 a week

I’m now going to take 4 days off, run next Wednesday morning and then take another 4 days off after that every Monday and Friday early morning running sessions to commence. Once I’ve reached my target then maybe, just maybe, I’ll look into one of these park runs everyone on here are raving about.

Good luck to everyone who may have just started the podcast, or in the middle weeks, or heading for the finishing line ….. In the words of Laura ‘YOU CAN DO IT’ ...... I'm now off to request my badge ;)

Thank you all so very, very much x x x


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30 Replies

  • Congratulations on graduating. Lovely blog!

  • Thank you very much

  • Ha ha ha love your Q & A, well done on completing the programme, Ally x

  • It tickled me also, just about summed me up

  • Congratulations. Hope your knee haa improved. I have badge envy as I finished on Wednesday and mine still hasn't appeared (stamps foot).

  • My knee and calf are still 2 to 3cms larger than the left, but the pain has eased. Regarding badge they must have done as soon as I requested it. I just click feedback at the top of the page, and put in the request. Give it a go, the badge is an honour to be worn with pride ;) lol ...... Congratulations to you also x

  • Very wwll done Graduate! You've earned that badge, wear it with pride! :-) I bet your doctor will be amazed at your progress. Congratulations! :-) Gayle

  • Thank you Gayle, your words have helped me reach this point, to think 9 weeks ago I could not run for 1 minute. As for the doctor I've not been back to him, so I'm guessing he has not missed me ;) x x

  • Fantastic blog, CONGRATULATIONS :-)

  • Thank you

  • Congratulations, what an accomplishment! I hope one day to be where you are, it must feel amazing.

  • 9 weeks ago I could not run for 1 minute, so if this non natural runner can do it, so can you ..... Keep at it and good luck x

  • Well done :-) those of us with uneven inner ears salute you :-)

  • ha ha ha ....... Thank you, I'm smiling more about it to-day than yesterday ..... My body must have been so knackered .... lol x

  • well done! :)

  • Thank you, and you will do this ..... x x

  • Congratulations and welcome to the Grad Club!!

    Sue :)

  • Thank you x

  • Congratulations!

  • Thank you x

  • Congratulations! Really well done, especially with a dodgy knee - you sound very determined! The uneven ears bit really made me laugh. :)

    Good to hear about a doctor offering postive advice about running, and brilliant that it has helped your knee to improve. Many people would be very surprised to hear that!

  • Thank you very much greenlegs. I understood what he was getting at, cycling and running involve the same repetitive movement's of the joint's, it's this that has got the knee joint moving again and has help in the dispersing of the fluid. x

  • Well done - I graduated this morning - are you still grinning? I am! Such a buzz! and I am so thrilled. I would never have believed I could do this, and am so proud of myself. Keep it up x

  • Congratulations, hope you've clicked feedback and put your badge request in ;) I know what you mean, 9 weeks ago and 1 minute was a struggle, now look at us .... lol .... x

  • Congratulations on your graduation!!! and so pleased it has helped your knee I started jogging to help avoid an operation and its worked wonders for me too...who would have thought as when something's wrong we all tend to rest it not work it!!!.......heres to a total improvement with your knee and Happy Running!!

  • Thank you very much and yes we do normally rest up ..... lol ... ;)

  • Congratulations from me too. The badge looks good! It's amazing to hear all the different reasons people have for taking on this running malarky!! Good luck for the future and hope the knee gets better and better :)

  • Thank you, everyone seems to have a story .... they are all o inspiring :)

  • Congratulations, now the fun really begins :-)

  • Uhmmmm, I'll let you know if that ever happens :-S ....... But thank you

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