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2 months (ish) since I last blogged on here- time for an update I think! (Be warned, it's mostly not good!)

I realised the other day that I haven't posted anything on here for a long time. (Sorry guys!) Truth is since March I've really been struggling to keep up with my running :( First of all, I went home for Easter from uni: Uni in Hull= nice and flat, home on the edge of the Peak District=hills everywhere! I'd finished week 3 and moved onto week 4 but just couldn't manage to finish the longer runs when at home and having to tackle hills as well, so reverted to week 3 (though only got out running 3 times over the three weeks!) Then when I came back to uni I couldn't motivate myself :( It's been 4 1/2 weeks since I came back and I've barely been able to get out at all (lots of assessment deadlines+stress and lack of sleep=not having the energy to get up in the morning and run!) I'm stuck on week 3, as I've been unable to get back into a routine, so I've decided that now lectures are over and I'm into exam period I'm going to try and get on with my running and see if I push on with it :) (That's your cue to motivate me! ;) )

On a positive note, I went for a lovely run yesterday morning and felt really good when I got back! :)

Again, sincere apologies for not posting for a long time! ;)

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Hi Rosie28. Well you did end on a positive note: Lovely run yesterday and felt really good when you got back. Hang on to that feeling and you will get there. You MUST because of all the newbies like me who are coming up behind you and take inspiration from you! All strength to you, your knees, your hips and anything else that aches!


I spoke to my Dad (a specialist in sports medicine) after a bad run the other week, and he told me that changing the environment of your run can DRAMATICALLY effect your performance. To a really crazy extent, I hadn't realised at all. Don't be downcast because you had some bad runs back home, it wasn't something you'd done wrong. You're back in your running territory now, which means you're back on track! As you've seen from your good run yesterday, it's all up from here :)

Go for it, and say hi to Yorkshire for me!


Changing your environment really does mess you about and I'm sure you had lots of other things to do whilst at home for Easter. When I used to get back in the uni holidays I always found that I was here, there and everywhere trying to catch up with family and friends and do assignments and stuff too. It will be easier now you've got some down time and you'll still have plenty of time to revise. In fact, taking a break and getting out for some fresh air will probably do you the world of good!

I found the longer runs a real struggle, but I got there and it does work. Think you need to try and move on now, Week 3 is no longer a challenge to you and the danger is you'll get stuck in a rut and find it even harder to get out there. If you felt good today then take that as inspiration and give it a go! :-) xx


Easter was absolutely manic to be honest, it's what happens when you have a choice between playing with horses or running first thing in the morning ;) Thanks for the encouragement guys, I'm really hoping to push on now :) xx

P.S. ChinaGirl- Yorkshire says hi back ;)


Plus it will be great to get outside for some fresh air to get a break from all of that exam revision.


Running will be a great way to get a break from revision! ;) And it will refresh you (well, mentally, if not physically!) and you'll be able to do really well in your exams.

There - is that enough motivation?! :) The fact that youve blogged again says that you do really want to get back on track - now you've just got to get out the door. Good luck. :)


I'm using going for a run to get me up nice and early to get on with work! :) I just need to get back into the routine, but just coming on here makes me want to get going again! so glad to have support from such a lovely group of people :)


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