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Week 6

Right back to blogging. Not sure how this will go as it has been a few days since doing R1 & R2 of week 6.

Did R1 on Saturday. Nothing much to report really. After managing the 20 mins of W5R3 I suppose that I was thinking that the first 2 runs of W6 would be a doddle!!!

Well R1 was relatively easy compared to the 20 min run. But R2 (on Monday) was a different story. Which just goes to show that too much self-confidence is not good.

I did manage to do the two 10 min runs but they were both very challenging.

Now I have R3 to look forward to!!! Not quite sure when I will get round to this as today should be my run day but it is chucking it down here in N Ireland and away from home you can't just pop into a gym so it's a question of hoping that the rain clears up soon.

If tomorrow is clear first thing I 'll go out before breakfast. Not my thing to run before my body has gone through its daily ritual of breakfast, shower etc. So I might just have to wait till I get back home.

R3 is looking like a dark beast that needs slaying and at the minute I think it might get the better of me as last run was quite hard.

That's life I suppose. Nothing worth achieving is easy.

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Hope your as suprised as i was on run 3! I had a terrible run 2 with the two ten minutes, could barely finish it, and just couldnt understand it, if i had done 20 less than a week before, why was this so hard? But it was a good run as i hope yours will be, i had also heard that laura says something rather lovely at the end, and she did so hold onto that thought! Good luck


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