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Look out wk4, I am coming for you!

Here I am again. I started in October last year, got to wk3 r2 and succumbed to a chest infection followed by 3 weeks of flu. Determined to go on I started again from scratch in March and got to - go on guess, yep, it was wk3 r2 and my back went. Not just a niggle, this was real I can't even sit down pain. Amazing medicine from my GP fixed the problem and I re-did wk3 r2. I have also now just finished wk3 so looking forward??? to wk4.

It's strange but I didn't want to blog again until I'd passed the stage previously. Must be that competitive edge coming through.

Anyway, I just wanted to say your blogs and encouragement for other runners is what has kept me going and keeping positive about running. Well done everyone who takes the time to resond. I've been talking a colleague into trying this programme and really promoted the blogging. Good luck with whatever stage you are at.

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