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Oh what a perfect day (yesterday), I'm glad I went for a run

A bit late posting but after Friday's run (see blog) and a couple of days at the coast, I was ready for my next run. Up earlyish yesterday, the sun was out but it was still cool and fresh, my favourite conditions so I decided to do the route I'd thought of a while ago before graduating. I wasn't sure how far (didn't bother to check) and it was a joy! Lots of long inclines and declines(?) and only a couple of actual hills. I just enjoyed being outside and running. I only passed a half dozen cyclists all going in the opposite direction. I ran 12.04k in 1:06' 29.

As I wrote on Friday, this is a win win addiction

Good run = want another one

Bad run = want a better one next time: this particular run well and truly makes up for Friday. This route will be run many more times, it's already one of my favourites.

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Wow Annie that's a fantastic time,well done you!!

I agree with your formulas for running addiction too :) Like you I have found a good route for my 10k that I really enjoy and have run 4 times now. Don't you just love this addiction?!



Sounds idyllic :-) Good time


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