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feel the panic setting in!

So I did the week 4 run 1 again today (week off last week as hip problems) all went well but I just cannot see how I will manage to run the race for life at beginning of July!!! even if I do (sorry when I do) finish this program not sure I will manage to finish the 5K!! argh and bigger argh when just looked at week five!!!

rant over!!! phew

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Panic not! You can walk the Race for Life anyway, so just aim to run as much as you can, and walk the rest. If you then run it all, it's a bonus! :) (I'm doing one, but if it's hot, I may well walk some of it, even though I know I can run more than 5k.)

And week 5 - say after Laura 'Trust in the programme' - you can do it! :)

Slow and steady. ;)


thankyou!!! I know i can walk the RFL but sooo wanted to run it this time, however, given my head a shake and realised I want to continue running beyond it so need to take it slow and steady so given myself extra rest day due to hip and going for run 2 tonight! , and hey if I have to repeat week 4 so what!!! :-)

thanks for your support!! x


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