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Failed , Week 7 Run 3


Well, it was bit humid ( but not hot) when I was about to do my week 7 R 3 . Having run thrice ( w6 R3 + 2 runs of week 7) in last 6-7 days for 25 minutes each, I was thinking of even improving upon my time... yet, within 5 mins of run, I gave up. Tired... got a bad stitch .. tried again after walking for 5 minutes... but could run only 5 mins more. This time an abrupt end when a mosquito decided to explore inside my mouth.

Just couldn't recover from these setbacks. Tried again walking little longer and running.. couldn't complete more than 5-6 min. Total, in about 50 minutes, walked for 35 minutes.. but felt quite defeated.

Should I give a break of 5-6 days before trying again or try to forget this setback and try after 1 day rest?

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My experience with doing longer runs (beyond 20 mins) was that I definitely needed an additional day's rest after 2 runs. This happened in Weeks 6,7 and 8. But by week 9, I got more comfortable with longer runs, and did all 3 runs with just a day's rest in between. So give yourself at least 2 days rest before you try again. Listen to your body. All the best!


I'd agree with nolongercouchcarrot. :) An extra day's rest made a lot of difference in the later weeks. Some people may not need it - I think it depends on your original fitness levels, but for me, the tiredness started to really build up in week 6 onwards, and I wasn't really recovered enough with one day's rest. I only had one day between most of them, but it was all a real slog.

Even now, a couple of months after graduating, I do better with 2 days (or 3 or 4!) between runs really.


Thank you, CouchCarrot and greenlegs. Appreciate your views... I think I am taking this setback bit more personal than it deserves. One more days rest and I will try... no, I will overcome it. Thank you again.

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