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So I went to see the osteopath a few days ago about a shoulder issue that is not running related. I have had sore knees on and off since starting running but have not thought too much about it. I bought a good pair of trainers and was told that once the muscles around my knees got stronger they would stop hurting... anyway I mentioned that my knees were not great to the osteopath just to get his opinion and I'm so glad I did. He told me that as I am breast feeding my joints will be loose (result of the breast feeding hormones) and as I am hyper mobile anyway that I could do some serious damage to my knees if I keep running. He had a look at the knees and has given me some exercises to strengthen specific muscles that are weak. He also told me I need to stretch more after running. He advised me not to increase my distances to over 10k until 3 months after I have stopped breast feeding and to try to run on grass to protect my knees.

After a day of being really down I decided that there was no option but to take this advice on, adapt what I'm doing and see what happens. Since then I have done 2 short runs in the park with stretching after and been doing my knee strengthening exercises twice daily. Today, just 4 days after getting this advice I have got up to discover my knees feel SO much better. They are still not 100% but I can really notice an improvement. I am gutted that I can't do longer distances as I was enjoying them but 10k is still quite a challenge so I'm going to work on making that and work on my speed. Before I was doing 3 long (for me) runs a week of 7-7.5k each time. The new plan is to do one interval session, one or two shorter runs (laps in the park until the boredom breaks me!) and then one long road run a week. I'm going to start Pilates once a week too (done it before and it really helps with so many physical issues, really recommend it to everyone especially if you are hypermobile like me). I am going to miss the feeling of freedom I had before but it is not worth destroying my knees for... I must just adapt!

Anyone else in a similar position?

Ideas for other training options gratefully received!

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I am hypermobile also and have exercises involving ankle weights from my physio last year to strengthen the muscles in my legs and support my knees. I've had issues with my knees since I was 13/14 and the various physio I have seen always bring it back to my feet also because I have fallen arches which means my knees bow in without insoles. I had built up to 8 miles/14k but it did have an impact on my knees for sure. One longer run with 2 shorter sounds more sensible. Be careful with the speed work too, that your not slapping the ground too much as that can be just as damaging.


Nobody warned me of anything like that when I breastfed. I did read that the milk can taste sour or bitter at first after exercise. That can be pumped off though if baby doesn't like it. My last GP told me my knees dislocated because my joints were loose from having a baby. She never mentioned breastfeeding! They were still dislocating when I got up for almost a year after stopping breastfeeding.

Rowing machine, or those walking machines are low impact. Also swimming.


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