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Week 3 run 2

Well, I've been reading all the posts and thought it was about time to write my own. I downloaded the nhs podcast two years ago but have procrastinated (and had a second baby!) until recently!

Just decided I needed to get started. I have always been obsessed with running and always wanted to be a runner, these podcasts are a godsend. They feel manageable and I love having Laura's reassuring voice telling me when to run and when to walk. So far it's been going smoothly and I'm enjoying it, in particular that time to myself first thing in the morning when the city is waking.

Hope it continues to be as enjoyable.


P.s. love reading everyone's blogs, they are a great source of inspiration

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Well done on getting out there and with two young children you will need to be a runner!!! Good luck with the rest of the course and as you said they are manageable so look forward to your graduation blog!! Happy Running.


Thanks, very excited about it all!


Hey welcome to the community, great first blog. Glad to hear you are enjoying the running and that you are doing so well. Now you have started blogging keep it up.

Keep it going :-)




Hey, thought id stop by and say hello, since you left a comment on my blog. Well done you for getting out there, its great isnt it, very addictive. Good luck to you, and happy running x


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