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Finally did it!

This sunday gone (28th April) I went out for a run to try and run a little further than last time (2.12miles) but ended up doing 3.11 (just over 5k) in 53mins and 19 secs - was really chuffed. I hope to better it this weekend then I will finally get round to doing a parkrun before my race for life 5k on 30 June in Leicester.

Out of curiosity I know my Garmin Foreunner has a depth limit of 50m but can I assume it is not safe to wear when swimming and I would be better buying a swimming specific watch. I would love to try a triathlon or or aquathon in the future preferably the latter as have not ridden a bike since I cant remember when!

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Congratulations! Your 2nd graduation!

I wouldn't take my garmin swimming - it's a 110 and I think I've read reports that they don't like wet weather? Maybe the other models are more resistant though. Or I've got reviews mixed up (I did read rather a lot!)


Run Ebony, run! Congratulations in acing that 5K! :-) Gayle


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