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What a farce . . Haha

I normally run with the aid of my trusty nano 7 in an armband, with Nike plus this is a great bit of kit.

First error I bought a wrist holder thinking it would be more usable

Anyway, car went in for warranty work so I was home early.

Quick change, new wrist holder on and old running shoes as I was intending to hit the woods and do some Hill Intervals to build my leg strength

Jogged a steady 2.4k into the woods and the wrist holder refused to stay put for more than 100 yes, nightmare, the hills I was intending to use were still sodden and caked my old shoes. My neighbour then stopped my second attempt at a run by flagging me down to say I looked like I had lost weight. Yes .... And momentum

I stood looking at my wrecked shoes, wrist holder in my hand and decided to walk home.

These things were sent to try us ..... And they do

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Ah well... A bad run is better than no run, so they say. :)


Brilliant, sorry if I giggled but the mud wrestling picture in my head is funny. Well done - congratulations are in order for attempting the run. I'm sure you'll find a way to get that we'll-meaning neighbour back ;)

Better luck next time, cheers Linda :)



Neighbour is called Linda too .... There's a coincidence

Never mind, may just throw the gear in a bag for tomorrow in work


I sympathise - yesterday my running was okay but the technology was a nightmare! Better luck next time :)


I have gone back to the good old armband for the Nano, reliable and stays put, lesson being ..... If it ain't broke, don't fix it

Still Wife was out early doors this morning and the sun was shining, so kit on and a quick 4k before shower and work


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