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Morning All,

Hope you are ok on this lovely but windy morning! Just tried to work out my runs for the next 9 weeks. If my plan goes ahead the way I hoped it might I would be doing my week 9 runs when on holiday in Scotland! Not sure if thats a good thing or not at this stage. A new venue sounds scary and planning a route sounds tough but I imagine it would be lovely to run up there. I dont want to get too ahead of myself as I'm prepared in case I have to repeat weeks but Scotland might be a great place to do it. Feeling better today. Dont ache as much but my legs still feel tired. Going to have 2 rest days this time so not going out until Wednesday but a bit worried the dreaded lead legs might come back! Need to read up on how to get rid of those. Happy Monday everyone.


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  • Morning! I admire your forward planning i've only got as far as thinking about this weeks runs Monday, Wednesday & Saturday. Depending on how well they go I may repeat Week 1 as I want to complete all runs. My legs are still a bit achey from Saturday so i'm hoping they dont let me down tonight :)

  • I think I need to have a long term goal but definately only taking one week at a time. I will only finish week 1 this week so definately a long way to go! Achey legs are normal - mine are still the same but its definately better today than it was a week ago when I was starting. Lots of hot water bottles and then ice packs, hot water bottle then ice packs and ibuleve worked for me too. May sound dramatic but in week 1 when its all new for our bodies it definately helps. I hope it gets easier. My second run yesterday was a killer. I was so determined to do all 8 runs and I did but it was like running underwater. Im taking 2 days rest this time and not going out again until Wednesday to do run 3. Slowly slowly catchy monkey (my new favourite phrase!) :0

    Ive just signed up to do Race for Life too:)

  • Great news, you're resting properly and are setting realistic action plans - that's amazing. The legs do get used to it all, promise ... you resting a day or two gives the muscles and joints time to repair and strengthen ready for the next task you set them. Hot/cold compresses, mild pain killers are fine too - use what you need to get a good night's pain-free sleep.

    Make sure you catch the right monkey ... there are other blogs out there about runners with naughty monkeys on their shoulders, acting like wicked gremlins and putting them off their stride :) ;) :D LOL Linda

  • Well done Joanne! Race for Life eh? You bloody hero. I must do something like that one of these days too. Am interested as to how agonising your muscles are over the next few days. I completed my first run this morning and am already feel a rather worrying stiffness in my legs!

    I'm off to buy some neurofen!

  • My legs arent too bad - definately getting better but dont be worried you are the only one with stiff legs. My hurt like crazy at the end of last week. Walking downstairs was a nightmare. At home I could get away with it but at work I got some strange looks. Definately go for cold compress/warm compress/cold compress etc and some pain relief gel works wonders. Race for Life will keep me focussed and if its too much I know I can walk some of it. Just take it easy and try to rest. Good luck:)

  • Scotland is a lovely place to run (as long as it isnt pouring with rain)! Where are you going to be staying? I do most of my runs in St Andrews. I have also signed up for the Race for Life - thought it would be a good idea to have a goal to work towards :)

  • We are going just in the Borders near Kircudbright. Cant wait:)

  • I dont really know the Borders but it is beautiful to drive through. Hopefully all of the lovely scenery will take your mind off the running :)

  • I hope you have a great time, holiday running can be a fun change! I would say though that Kirkcudbright is in Dumfries and Galloway and not the Borders so please don't get lost!. (not to be annoying or the like but because we once had someone stop for directions to Dornock the next village along when they had actually booked a stay in Dornoch 300 miles North!) I live in Dumfries and Galloway and there are lots of nice places to run here and interesting things to see so I predict a smashing visit!

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