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Doing the distance


I have been following the plan religiously and was on week 4 run 2.

I went to Liverpool as I posted on here and did a run of 2.5 miles which was 25 minutes, I wasn't sure what to do after this as I had stepped outside of the plan.

I took advice from here and finished my week 4, which was very straightforward. Since then I have been running without Laura running fairly Hilly routes, yesterday I did the 5k in 30 mins 33 seconds on a hilly route.

Therefore I will be dropping the rest of the weeks and looking at the 5k to 10k program as I am due to run the Great South in October

I was having some ankle and shin twinges going into week4 but getting my Gait analysed and getting out of basic shoes combined with a good stretching program has totally resolved all of this.

My weight loss is amazing, I initially weighed in at 19 stone plus a little over 3 months ago, yesterday the Wii fit weighed me in at 15 stone 8lb.

I fully intend to keep using this forum as my inspiration and if anyone is thinking of doing this plan but needs a push ..... Go for it ...... It is truly life changing

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Good for you! It is mind over matter and once you realise you can do it, sometimes there's no stopping you! Well done with your 5k time you much be very pleased :)

And what impressive weight loss! What else are you doing aside from running?


Really impressive effort there all round! :) It's really good that getting running shoes fitted and doing stretches has sorted out all the aches and pains for you.

All the best for your progress to 10k, and beyond! - may it go very smoothly for you.

You've made very rapid progress, and your legs might appreciate a chance to consolidate the 5k. Most training programmes build in weeks to drop the distance back a bit every now and then. Have fun! :)

I have been on a diet. Not overly restrictive but ensuring a good porridge breakfast made with water and plenty of citric fruit and grapefruit during the day. Works for me. Thanks for the comments

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