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Just found this app again and thought I’d say hello. I guess I responded to a few people about four years ago. Not much has changed. Still using oxygen at night. I’ve been trying to walk a mile every day without my oxygen concentrator. Not sure if that’s good or bad. I measure my pulse ox while I’m walking and if it gets around 88 I stop for a minute or two to catch my breath‘s. Everything I read says I should exercise more especially to get my heart working better. A recent nuclear study shows that my ejection fraction is about 43 which isn’t that good but it also is not all that bad. My heart disease and COPD sort of work hand-in-hand to slow me down. I do like reading the positive things on this group and hopefully will take some of the advice of doing more exercise. During these four years I haven’t slipped too much in terms of having to use more oxygen or any other meds so I’m about the same which is encouraging. I hope everyone stays safe

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Hello Jim and welcome back, it's so nice to hear from you again. You are still being positive which is good, but please increase your exercise gradually don't try to rush into it. Have a goodnight and keep posting take care 😊 Bernadette xx xx 🌈


Glad you're here! Keep on keeping on.

Glad to hear your back! Walking a mile is great - I can only do 1/2 mile. But am hoping to get a treadmill soon to help build up my stamina.

I feel its best if you use oxygen while walking so your levels don't drop that low. When your body is starved of oxygen it can cause organ damage. So its better to have plenty than starve your organs! I know I can do far more with my oxygen on which will also help my stamina.

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Thanks that is good advice. I need to use it and get over my vanity

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