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Need to exercise


Hi, I am new here, I have COPD Atrial Fibrilation Hypertension. I am getting fatter and fatter. I have had to go into hospital twice in the last 3 weeks both times with AF. It was really scary, I want to say thank you to the nurses and Dr's who reassured me that I was in a clean area of the hospital. Then for their dedication and kindness.

Oh yes, never had grey roots before this covid-19 kept me inside for 8 weeks now, I am enjoying my hot tub more these days.

I just can't get motivate myself to exercise HELP NEEDED PLEASE

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Hi Linda, welcome to our group. I'm sure we can all relate to times when we felt stuck & couldn't move on. I know I can.

Since this pandemic began, I've chosen to be intentional about what's important to me. I too have copd & when 1st diagnosed 4 yrs ago, it felt like the beginning of the end for me. I was filled with fear & anxiety. I've since learned to focus on staying healthy & taking the steps to achieve that. Knowing that you need to exercise is a good starting point. I assure you that once you put an action plan in place & keep doing it, you'll begin to feel better. I hope I've encouraged you. You can do this!! Terri

Good morning Ms. Linda. I've had COPD for over 20 years now. I'm 79. Just released from 2 weeks in the V.A. Hospital. First time in 5 years. On O2 almost all the time. I'm alone out here except for my dog, Suzie. And I get down also,. Exercise. Thats the hardest but you need to get up and do it. Do you have friends that understand. Get with them. Even short walks are good. Get a smart phone , play music while walking, or one of them books.

We're with you pretty lady

Hi Linda1853. I know how you feel. I was half way through a rehab course. When the virus stopped everything. It is harder at home because of no equipment. But if you like dancing perhaps put some of your favourite music on and dance around to that. Or look on youtube for keep fit routines. It is hard i am struggling to keep motivated myself. But anything is better than hospital stays love. Take care and keep in touch Brian

You can exercise and lose weight in the hot tub instead of just laying there - this is a good article.

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