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Tomorrow is accessment day for me to see if I can have pulmonary rehab hope that it is ok as i have heard great things about it duff

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Hello Duff. I have been going to Pulmonary rehab for over a year now. First 6 weeks on NHS then I go to rehab maintenance,this is once a week for 1 hour and it costs me £4.50. In my opinion well worth the money. I am sure it really helps me a lot and good people run it and u meet a lot of nice people there, all in a similar boat to yourself. Would highly recommend it. Good luck to u.👍🤓


Hello Duff1953

I went to pulmonary rehab a few years ago and it does help. They really stress exercise , in fact that was the biggest part of the program.

I am now going to cardiac rehab, again the biggest part of this program is exercise . SO, if you can’t afford this , exercise at least 4 days a week, understand your medicine and eat wisely.

It’s very important to keep mind and body busy.

Even if your breathing makes it difficult to exercise they’re are many things you can do, a bike peddler, weights, do some push ups off the counter. Going slow is the key, as you exercise more you may find it gets easier.

Good luck and God Bless.


Good luck! I’m waiting to go for an assessment.


Had my accessment everything seemed to be ok very nice people makes you feel very much at ease chriskho you will be absolutely fine duff

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Looking forward to the rehab if I get on it. Have been asking for 3 years🙄


The very best of luck

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