Extra pounds from not being able to breath

I have gained 40lbs in 10 months. I do not eat much because of having false teeth. I do have a bad thyroid, but I do believe it's from being not being active. I stopped smoking 10 months ago and everyone said you may gain some weight, but 40 lbs is allot. So now that I will never smoke again I have to beat weight loss...and I will hopefully.

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  • You should have your thyroid tested and treated. The weight gain could be a result in your not smoking and decreased activity, you should try and walk as much as you can. The worst case of the weight gain is heart failure and water retention, talk to your doctor.

  • I do take thyroid meds and have for 20 years. Yes I have got to get moving..hard to do when out of breath. I start copd rehab the end of July, not sure what has taken them this long to get me into rehab.

  • Pulmonary rehab helped me a lot, I am stage 2, close to stage 3. It helped my breathing and gave me more energy. You need to keep it up after the program ends. if you have medicare, you likely have "Silver Sneakers". It's an exercise benefit that a lot of gyms honor. You will be able to go to a gym for free and use their equipment. I try to go every day on my lunch hour and walk the treadmill for 20 minutes, rehab will build you up to it. Good Luck!

  • Yeah I do believe when u have COPD u can gain or losse I gained 60 don't feel bad I tried to looses it but by riding my stationary bike everyday for four months over ten miles a day didn't losse a pound , one thing people with stage four have a better chance of motality then thin people with COPD I'm stage three may be four there are times just walking to the kitchen where me out , after three months in hospital this is much better I was real bad almost never came home I was knocking on heavens door they say the weight helped me , because I was in a coma for six weeks vented and one niche from death the weight was supplying my body while I was out but it's been a long road to rehab still on oxygen 24/7 hoping someday soon to lower the amount needed I guess it is what it is ,

  • I'm not on oxygen, it's been off and on the last few months. I'm short of breath, but O2 is 97.. weird..I'm glad you're still here and getting better.

  • If your getting a 97 on your ox-meter and still short of breath it could be your retaining co2. The meter can't tell which is which.

  • Hi and welcome. Congrats on stopping smoking, that is the best thing you could do for yourself. Are you using food to replace smoking, I have heard others say this is what they did. I take it that you are Hypothyroid, are you taking anything for this? I have this but most of my thyroid was ablated because I had nodules on it and doctor was afraid they could become cancer. I still have to take Synthroid to control what I have left.

    I also have false teeth and I have no problem eating, maybe you just need an adjustment that the dentist does to make them feel comfort.

  • No on the food, I never get hungry, that's one of my problems, I need to eat to get my thyroid working, I do take meds for it, they just got the numbers back to normal..when it is bad..the weight gain is rapid, then takes forever to loose it.

  • I have dentures too. I do miss eatting raw fruit and veggiea. I dont like them cooked. I gain weight like crazy 30 lbs in a montg or two. Then ill lose it in the summer. If ur weight gain is seasonal try vitamin d. Liver enzymes might be messed up. I blame antidepressants mostly.

  • go to pulmonary rehab they will help you in ways you can not imagine. good luck

  • I wasnt offeres that. Need to schedule with a different pulminorist

  • I start July 27th..

  • Theresa-57, I understand completely! Over the past 3 years I have gained 70 pounds! I do not eat any more than I ever have but I use to walk anywhere from 3-6 miles everyday, now I don't! I also have thyroid issues, I have had 3/4 of mine removed and I am on meds for that! I was told some of my COPD meds can cause weight gain and also some of the other meds I take for other reasons will also cause weight gain! I have tried extremely hard to lose some weight, it just will not come off! One thing that is good though, I have reached a point where I am no longer gaining, I maintain where I am and not gaining! Also, I have really bad bloating through my mid section, makes it hard to even wear clothes on some days! I do try to move or exercise, this is very hard when you are unable to breathe! When can only do what we are able to do! Good Luck to you!

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