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Disgusted with all those involved in treating COPD

Diagnosed with COPD in Oct. 2017. Its 11 months later, but it didn't take all these months to realize, the doctors, drug companies and hospitals don't give one hoot about their COPD patient - its all about the money. AND the longer they can extend your life, the more money their going to make!

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Hi, I'm sorry to hear what you're experiencing. I started off with a pulmonary Dr that I could not understand & didn't feel safe leaving my health in his hands. I researched until I found one that I chose to proceed with. It was the best decision I made since being diagnosed. Fortunately I went online & found a video of the Dr I chose. It's ok to go by reviews, but there's nothing like hearing someone speak & hearing why he chose to specialing in lung deseases. I hope that you will find someone you can trust...your life is valuable & you need a doctor you can trust. I pray you are successful in this pursuit. Pls keep us informed. Terri


If they can extend my life that just fine with me


I agree, keep looking for a good pulmonologist, they are out there. Exercise is key. When you get a good pulmonologist talk to them about doing pulmonary rehab.


There is a difference between "extending your life" and have "quality of life". I landed in this group in error doing some research on glutathione but wanted to let you know that 99% of doctors don't know about advancements and proven all natural products because they get no nutritional training in school and when they are "practicing" medicine they are so overloaded with sick people they have no time to do research. This is a link to just one research study in the US National Library of medicine, and there are over 400 of them (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20648694) that tells us in the very 1st line that inflammation and antioxidant imbalance is at the root of COPD. I'm not saying it's a cure, however, since most doctors don't know there is a way to help our bodies reduce inflammation and increase glutathione naturally people will continue to have a life without much quality. I wish you the best and improved quality of life!

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